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Traditional Irish Music Session


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Starts on:08/06/2020 07:00 PM


Nolan’s Irish Pub is proud to host traditional Irish music sessions every Thursday evening from 7-9pm. These are informal gatherings for musicians (and the audience) to celebrate a common passion for Irish music in the confines of Nolan’s relaxed and informal setting. Whether beginners or experienced, the intent of session players is to enhance the magic of the mystical Irish culture. The most common instruments used in Irish traditional music are the fiddle, tin whistle, bodhrán (drum), flute, and Uilleann pipes. Instruments such as button accordion, concertina, 4-string tenor banjo, bouzouki, and guitar were introduced in the 20th century and are now fully accepted.

These are open sessions welcome to anyone able to play Irish music. In the spirit of tradition, there are recognized session leaders who will help keep things on track amongst an autonomous group of musicians. Sessions will begin with one of the players starting a tune for others to join in who know it. Beginners or experienced musicians unfamiliar with a song will employ proper session etiquette by either not playing or at least quietly playing an accompaniment part. Although the objective of these sessions is mostly for the musicians themselves, the audience is welcome to enjoy listening and occasionally joining in by singing and clapping along. Sessions are meant to be a shared experience for everyone to enjoy.